Fuck you, Milo.


You can lick my asshole, because you are a challenge to write and the pacing problems of the screenplay are kicking my head in. Fucking Cat and fucking Julian.



8 Responses to “Fuck you, Milo.”

  1. KDeee Says:

    today is my birthday.

  2. ghostboners Says:

    i want to fuck katy

  3. thenotsograndbastard Says:

    Milo and I ended up becoming good friends because he showed me I can put more things into our little screenplay to flesh it out, and it would be okay.

  4. thenotsograndbastard Says:

    For an imaginary cat, he has become helpful.

  5. ghostboners Says:

    katy, will you fyucj me>

  6. thenotsograndbastard Says:

    Maia you are redundant!

  7. KDeee Says:


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