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January 7, 2011
Leslie, Katy, Sara, Maia


Resrie, Kaly, Blook, Zark, Sham, Elic?, Zara?, Byle???? & anyone else I forgot since my brain is small.

I miss!



April 29, 2009


true story

April 28, 2009


Ghostboners do not write paragraphs

March 25, 2009


Do you think Templin would like to be re-initiated into the friend zone? I feel like once he finds out what that entails he will be like Thursday (i almost wrote leslie) in heat. Rubbing his butt in our faces and screaming fragments of beatles songs.

what are you doing?

I feel like…

March 19, 2009

A person that everyone understands. At least most people. I just want to be that “weird guy”. I do not mean that I would stop fucking sorority sluts, because you guys are great and you have been great friends through and through.

I think most of the rest of the population conform to my ideas and my own opinions, and they are always popular. I just want to feel like I’m the odd man out. I want to be the guy that doesn’t quite fit into any scenario.

All this attention really annoying and hard to escape, particularly lately.

But thank you, GIANT COCK GODS, for being part of the small percentage of gods who bestow my female friends with giant cocks.

My other friends are great and I love having to explain myself to them constantly while licking their silky smooth nutsacks. You guys get all nervous and sweaty when I go for the balls now.

You are truly my saviors.

Does anybody ever think they are “homosesual” instead of normal?

-Zach O.
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